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Findur offers the best of shopping!

Finder already provides you a glimpse into the store. We offer you an overview of all fashion items that are available in the shops near you, right now! Your favorite items can be reserved in the stores*, so that you can try them at the desired moment.

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(*Soon available)

These stores you can already visit

With Findur you can already take a look at more than 500 stores throughout the Netherlands! Soon there are more shops available, let us know which store you would like to see.

Current shops:

Joost goes for convenience

"I immediately know which store I need to be."

Eline goes for service

"I find it pleasant when retailers know wherefore I come, so I am being helped quickly."

Kevin goes for speed

"Within 10 minutes, I found, fitted and purchased a new shirt."

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We will keep you updated about app updates, new stores and special offers!